My name is Meg, and I hope to be a writer someday. Of course, my mother thinks I'll make it, but that's because she's my mother.

Which is, of course, why I need all of you in the internet world. If I am to improve in the slightest, I'll have to learn a lot (how to be more succinct, for instance, which I promise I will try hard to do in this intro).

My stories range from science fiction to fantasy to fiction, but the majority of them are simple love stories with some unusual situation. (To read short summaries of each of them, click on the "summaries" page--especially if you're not sure you want to invest all of that time.)

Also, just so you know: most of these stories are intended for a young adult audience and the content is appropriate for that group of readers.

I find it easy to write beginnings and endings; it's the "glue" in between that I have trouble writing--so if you come across a black line in the midst of a chapter, that means writer's block had occurred, and the next portion of writing after it will come later in the story--if only I could figure out what goes in between.

Please, I would appreciate immensely any kind of constructive criticism you may have (to be placed in the "comments" page). I love honesty, but I do ask that it is helpful advice, not just insults or something...

Thank you so much for visiting my site! I hope you find a story you might enjoy. If you do, tell your friends to check this site out, too!

(You can find most of these stories on (my pen name is annonymousse) under their appropriate categories.)

A new feature: please visit my "summaries" page to vote on your favorite story! Your feedback is much appreciated.