"Stargazing" (unfinished)

This story is by far my longest, and the one I have worked on for over two years now. The story follows Clara, an seventeen-year-old girl from modern-day Iowa. She is snatched from her farm one warm June night by aliens--but they are not her original idea of aliens. Not only does her kidnapper, an unnerving but innocent-acting boy named Ephraim, seem to know everything about her, but seems to want nothing but her friendship. Though she fears him at first, he eventually gains her trust with his kindness to her. In fact, Ephraim is gentle, childlike, and...amazingly like her, for being an alien. Clara is blissfully unaware that this lovesick alien is yearning for her affection.

"Countess" (finished!!)

More dark and macabre than most of my others, this story is set in Transylvania in the late 1600s. A peasant girl named Rosalind is kidnapped by the mysterious Count Igor and taken to his shadowy castle to be his bride--and changes her into a loathsome vampire. Horrified with what she has become, she avoids the Count as much as possible, but her opinion of him slowly begins to change. This will most likely be a novella-sized story.

"Acquainted with the Night" (unfinished)

Set in a fictional realm in which magic is commonplace, while so-called "black magic" is abhorred and feared, this story is about Ambrose, a young man who has been able to communicate with the dead ever since he was a child. Now a powerful necromancer by trade, he is shunned by a society which does not understand his gift, without friends--except, that is, a kindly blind girl named Salome, who has no idea that he is a necromancer. Salome's father is desperate to find a husband for her before he dies--desperate enough to even let Ambrose have her hand. 

"The Bride, The Veil, and the Rope" (unfinished)

Present-day Mark Roberts is babysitting his neighbors one dark, stormy night when the children come to him, insisting that a ghost is in their room. When he scoffs, they prove it to him. The spirit of eighteen-year-old Estella Wells appears to him, begging for his help. She recounts her own murder to him, and explains that she is trapped in this world until the public realizes that she did not commit suicide.  Pitying her, Mark agrees to help, though occasionally she treats him with complete contempt. Beautiful, charming and alluring, she entrances him, and he cannot help but fall in love with her.

"The Rise and Fall of a Queen" (unfinished)

Lady Macbeth--one of the most terrifying female characters in literature, and one of Shakespeare's most infamous villains--convinces her husband to commit the unspeakable deed of murdering God's representative on earth, the King of Scotland, to gain the throne. She herself smears the drunken guards with blood to frame them for the crime. But what made her the way she is? How could a woman become so cruel, so devious? This story is my theory on how she became the person in Shakespeare's masterpiece--and why I do, in fact, feel sorry for her.

"The Fall of Camelot" (unfinished)

It's the familiar tale of the Knights of the Round Table--love, betrayal, adultery, treachery, and murder--but what if the history books got it all wrong? What if Guinevere was innocent after all? This re-imagining of the classic medieval romance portrays the alleged affair between the queen and Lancelot as a complete fabrication by the evil Mordred, in order to create chaos among the Companions and take the throne himself.

"Valley of the Kings" (unfinished)

Elizabeth Harrison, a college student studying abroad to become an Egyptologist, visits the famed Valley of the Kings during her spring break to tour the tomb of King Tutankamun, her favorite pharaoh. She gets seperated from her tour group, lost in the dark, and finally emerges--to find herself in ancient Egypt, during King Tut's reign. While parading through the spendid city of Thebes, the king notices her (the only blonde in a country of dark-haired people) and believes this strange foreigner to be sent to him from the gods.

"At the Stroke of Twelve" (unfinished)

In 1897 London, with the Inustrial Revolution in full swing, a widening gap between the rich and the poor, and a new Social Darwinist attitude flourishing, rich and beautiful Rose Doyle falls madly in love with Victor, a mysterious newcomer. But don't be deceived--on this surface this is just a story about vampires and love, but in this case vampires are used as an allegory for the way society justifies leeching off other people for personal gain.

"Sisters" (finished)
Very, very short supernatural story, just a peek into the lives of two sisters on a road trip crusade against any evil creature. Because of their hazardous job, one sister was accidentally turned into a werewolf a few months ago; the other sister--well, you'll see what happened to her through the argument between them.

"A Day at the Zoo"

Don't let the kidsy, benevolent title fool you: there is a twist to this simple short story about a tour through a zoo. I won't give too much away, but I will say this much--it is supposed to be a horrifying idea.

"Carnival Night"

A chilling short story about a girl's fateful night at a carnival. Stalked and terrorized by a stranger, Charlotte fights desperately for her life through a mirrored maze and the tunnel-of-love.